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What’s the Deal with Deal ID?

By Nishe Modoyan, Product Marketing Manager

Deal ID is a relatively new buzzword, and a topic OpenX gets asked about frequently. What is it exactly, and why is everybody talking about it?

To get the best possible answer, I asked Paul Sternhell, one of our go-to OpenXers for explaining the ins and outs of OpenX Programmatic Direct solutions.

Starting with the basics, what is a Deal ID?

According to Paul, “it’s a unique code that’s used to identify a pre-negotiated deal between a buyer and a publisher.” Deal IDs are used to facilitate Private Marketplace transactions, which typically come in two flavors: fixed-price Preferred Deals and variable-price Private Auctions.

Why are Deal IDs used?

There are lots of reasons why publishers and advertisers like Private Marketplaces, which combine a direct relationship between buyer and seller with programmatic execution, including significant efficiencies gained on both sides. The presence of a Deal ID in a bid request enables the buyer to recognize it as one originating from a publisher with which it has pre-negotiated arrangement, and treat it according to the agreed-upon terms.

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Get Native. Get Mobile. OpenX Native Exchange is Open for Business.

Summer’s here, which means consumers are spending more time away from their homes and offices, and relying on their mobile devices to keep in touch and access information.

It also means that advertisers want to reach them while they’re on the go. And for publishers and app developers, it means you have great opportunity to earn premium CPMs by monetizing your mobile apps and sites – today.

And the OpenX Native Ad Exchange (previously Native O|X)  – the first mobile native ad exchange – is ready to help both publishers and advertisers take advantage of this mobile opportunity. Continue reading

There’s Still Plenty of Waste in Programmatic — Let’s Work To Eliminate It

Recently, our colleague Ian Davidson, Sr. Director of Platform Demand for OpenX, explored a topic that many in our space find taboo: all the waste that plagues today’s programmatic ecosystem.

I know what you’re thinking: programmatic marketing is all about efficiency; how can it be wasteful?

His article, Evolution For Programmatic: Time To Cut Waste, takes a hard look at the causes behind the waste, including traffic quality (i.e. fraud, viewability, page clutter), the need for shared conversion data among buyers, as well as an updated model for attribution.

But rather than finger pointing, Ian lays out steps to combat it. Everyone has a role – publishers, advertisers and tech providers alike. Ian writes:

“If we want to eliminate waste, we have to ask ourselves some tough questions. What are the responsibilities of different programmatic participants? What steps can we take to create a deeply rewarding experience for all parties involved?”

Click here to read the full article, including Ian’s recommendations for tackling the troubling issues that are holding back programmatic’s potential to deliver a highly-efficient media buying solution for advertisers.

Q&A from the OpenX webinar on “Driving Higher Yield with the new OpenX SSP”

Recently, our team of experts hosted a webinar titled, ‘Driving Higher Yield with the new OpenX SSP.’ Speakers included Todd Rosenberg, VP, Revenue Operations, Miki Rapoport Sr. Product Manager, and special guest Jason White, VP, Programmatic Revenue for CBS Interactive.

If you missed it, or would like to view it again, just click here.

The 45-minute webinar covered a brief history of programmatic as well as an in-depth comparison of traditional SSPs and the new OpenX SSP. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to answer all of the questions we were asked during the webinar. Not to worry, we will address them now in this blog post.

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A Historic Week for OpenX

It’s been a remarkable and truly historic week for OpenX.

The week began last Monday with the announcement of the new OpenX SSP featuring groundbreaking Demand Fusion technology. With the launch of this new technology, we’ve solved a major problem that has long plagued the industry: the fragmentation of Real-Time Bidding and network demand. Demand Fusion actually combines and evaluates RTB and network bids in real-time and ultimately selects the highest bid. This major new innovation significantly increases yield for publishers, which is core to OpenX’s mission to maximize ad revenue for publishers any connected screen.

We followed our SSP announcement on Monday by participating at the IAB Marketplace event in New York. The focus of this particular IAB conference was programmatic and we hosted several networking sessions throughout the day. We hope the attendees of the various sessions found them productive, informative and perhaps also learned a bit more about how Demand Fusion is transforming the concept of what an SSP can and should be.

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Free Webinar: Driving Higher Yields with the new OpenX SSP

Tune-in on Thursday, June 19th 2:00PM EDT|11:00 PDT. Register Now.

That was then … this is now
For a long time, traditional supply-side platforms (SSPs) worked great – then real-time bidding came along. We all quickly learned that separating network demand from real-time bidders made it impossible for publishers to optimize yields.

To the Rescue: OpenX Demand Fusion Technology
When OpenX set out to re-imagine the SSP paradigm we had a critical goal in mind: create a platform that allows all demand classes to compete for each and every impression simultaneously and award it to the buyer willing to pay most.

That, in essence, is our groundbreaking Demand Fusion Technology. And it’s the secret to driving higher revenues from your inventory.

Tune-in to a 45-minute webinar on Thursday June 19. We’ll cover:

  • A brief history of programmatic from scale to sophistication
  • The fundamental problems with traditional SSPs
  • The groundbreaking approach of the new OpenX SSP
  • Deep dive of Demand Fusion technology and other key features
  • Q&A with Jason White from CBS Interactive (SSP customer)

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Reimagining the SSP with Demand Fusion Technology

By Jason Ramsey, VP of Product, OpenX

Since the beginning, our mission has remained consistent: to maximize revenue for digital media companies through superior advertising technology. To deliver on our mission, we also have a longstanding commitment to drive innovation.

As part of that continued effort, today we’re excited to announce the launch of the new OpenX SSP with industry-first Demand Fusion technology. This reimagining of what an SSP should be effectively fuses real-time bidding (RTB) and network demand into a single auction – as a result, driving the highest yield possible for publishers.

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Traditional SSPs Worked Great – Until RTB Came Along

By Qasim Saifee, SVP of Monetization Platform, OpenX 

Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) were created to help publishers connect their inventory to multiple third-party buyers in order to maximize their revenue. In fact, back in the day, SSPs were often referred to as yield optimizers.

If that’s true, then why, according to the recent Forrester report on SSPs, are more publishers turning to exchanges instead?  We believe it’s because traditional SSPs are not fulfilling their promise to deliver optimal yield for publishers. Due to technical challenges, traditional SSPs have not been able to fully combine network and real-time bidding (RTB) channels, resulting in fragmented demand.

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Seamless Engagement: OpenX Empowers App Developers and Publishers to Monetize Apps with Video

OpenX is again on the cutting edge, now empowering app developers and publishers in the mobile video space.

With the announcement today of its new, free software development kit for iOS and Android, OpenX partners are poised to further monetize their apps with video technology — and the scene is set for new levels of consumer engagement and healthy revenue.

“What we see now is a big shift to mobile,” said Martin Price, head of mobile products at OpenX. “People are spending more time with their devices. They’re interacting with them 150 times per day, in countless different ways. What we’re trying to do is enable ‘high-value’ advertising on those devices.”

High-value: meaning, in this case, video-rich. OpenX’s SDK for video technology frees brands from the usual confines of the standard 320×50 banner. It opens their apps to richer and more seamless creative environments. Building on what partners have already come to know, when it comes to OpenX’s functionality, let’s look at how the new SDK enhances what businesses can do with video in the mobile space. openx_anonymizedNativeAds_2a_sm Continue reading

Teaming Up with OpenX at Internet Week 2014

If you’ve set your sights on the frontiers of digital and mobile advertising, with programmatic on your agenda, then start your schedule at Internet Week New York with OpenX.

Six years into the vibrant gathering that is IWNY, some 45,000 of the world’s smartest and hardest-working technologists — and marketing minds — are again converging on New York’s annual celebration of tech, business, and culture.

As a leading provider of web and mobile advertising technology, OpenX will be on hand and our team wants you to join the conversation. Come be a part of a trio of highly anticipated events, at this year’s festival. What follow are the dates, times, and ideas with which we’ll be working. Work alongside us, celebrate with us, and help us imagine the future of programmatic media.

•  Monday 5/19 2:25 p.m.: “Programmatic 101″ || Mobile Media Upfront 2014 || Location: New World Stages || Explore, along with our panelists, how real-time bidding and programmatic buying can unlock the potential of right-time/right-place online impressions for your business. Teri Gallo, general manager of Publisher Strategy and Business Development for OpenX on the East Coast, steers a dialogue about programmatic media. A prime opportunity to learn the basics and set your sights on RTB-related strategies. [Featuring: Kimberley Bekhor (Ansible); Taylor Childs (Amnet Aegis Trading Desk); Elizabeth Elliott (Starcom MediaVest)]

•  Tuesday 5/20 2:45 p.m.: “Cracking the In-App Mobile Programmatic Code” ||  APPNATION NYC || Location: 82MERCER, Breakout Room || With a decade and a half of ad-tech experience to his name, Martin Price, senior director of Product at OpenX, leads a discussion of how programmatic and the mobile experience intersect, and how the two technologies are changing. From RTB to native ads, to integrated video, a deep look at programmatic, the consumer, and the future of first-screen mobile. [Featuring: Jim Caruso (Varick Media Management), others (tba)]

•  Tuesday 5/20 — 6:30 p.m.: OpenX VIP Dinner || Location: Craft New York || Our dinner series turns to the subject of programmatic’s evolution. “The Programmatic Shift to Sophistication” is the subject and, over cocktails and dinner, we’ll unpack the implications of private marketplaces, programmatic direct, and other emerging deal structures. Expect practical and implementable ideas that you can bring back to the strategy room, from organizing programmatic teams to leveraging first-party data, and beyond.

Another exceptional week awaits at IWNY. The conversation is just beginning, and we’ll see you in New York!