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Focus on Our Customers


At OpenX, we’re always interested in hearing more about how our customers use our solutions and why OpenX was the right choice for them. That’s why we’re so excited about a great new resource: our TechValidate content library.

Working with TechValidate — a service that gathers input directly from our customers and produces third-party verified content — we recently conducted a  survey polling 500 OpenX customers.  By combining the voice of our customers with TechValidate’s 3rd-party verification, we are able to provide a credible source for our B2B partners.  The survey and content generated with TechValidate is provided in a way that intends to:

•  Focus on authentic and valid information
•  Keep participants anonymous
•  Include real-world deployment facts and statistics
•  Contain case studies and research charts
•  Provide key trends and statistics

Among the real-world experiences and customer proof, we found that nine out of ten publishers would recommend OpenX to a colleague.  Check out additional charts, testimonials, statistics, and case studies in the OpenX Library.