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Reimagining the SSP with Demand Fusion Technology

By Jason Ramsey, VP of Product, OpenX

Since the beginning, our mission has remained consistent: to maximize revenue for digital media companies through superior advertising technology. To deliver on our mission, we also have a longstanding commitment to drive innovation.

As part of that continued effort, today we’re excited to announce the launch of the new OpenX SSP with industry-first Demand Fusion technology. This reimagining of what an SSP should be effectively fuses real-time bidding (RTB) and network demand into a single auction – as a result, driving the highest yield possible for publishers.

Last week, our SVP of Monetization Qasim Saifee explored key limitations of traditional SSPs and the business impact they pose for publishers trying to increase their revenue. Traditional SSPs were engineered prior to the rise of real-time bidding. When programmatic gained traction, the traditional SSPs simply bolted it to their network mediation stack, never fully integrating into their technology, which results in fractured demand and suboptimal publisher revenue.


The new OpenX SSP solves the fundamental problem of traditional SSPs by truly fusing demand sources into a single auction. Through our proprietary Demand Fusion technology, all network and RTB buyers compete for each and every impression simultaneously, resulting in more competition and higher publisher yield. Our groundbreaking approach instantly evaluates all prices and dynamically selects the highest bid from within the user’s browser.

Innovative Features:

  • Demand Fusion technology, a patent-pending solution with intelligent auction mechanics and browser-side decisioning, to increase price competition and yield
  • Multi-layered system to protect your brand with automated safeguards and publisher tools that proactively filter, report and block undesirable ads
  • Robust suite of customizable reports to allow you to understand performance trends, view buyer and bid activity and identify yield opportunities
  • A scalable platform that provides monetization across multiple screens

Join us on Thursday, June 19 at 11am PDT for a webinar on the new OpenX SSP.