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There’s Still Plenty of Waste in Programmatic — Let’s Work To Eliminate It

Recently, our colleague Ian Davidson, Sr. Director of Platform Demand for OpenX, explored a topic that many in our space find taboo: all the waste that plagues today’s programmatic ecosystem.

I know what you’re thinking: programmatic marketing is all about efficiency; how can it be wasteful?

His article, Evolution For Programmatic: Time To Cut Waste, takes a hard look at the causes behind the waste, including traffic quality (i.e. fraud, viewability, page clutter), the need for shared conversion data among buyers, as well as an updated model for attribution.

But rather than finger pointing, Ian lays out steps to combat it. Everyone has a role – publishers, advertisers and tech providers alike. Ian writes:

“If we want to eliminate waste, we have to ask ourselves some tough questions. What are the responsibilities of different programmatic participants? What steps can we take to create a deeply rewarding experience for all parties involved?”

Click here to read the full article, including Ian’s recommendations for tackling the troubling issues that are holding back programmatic’s potential to deliver a highly-efficient media buying solution for advertisers.