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Traffic Quality, Mobile & Cocktails – OpenX at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting


Earlier this week, players of all digital advertising stripes gathered in Palm Springs, CA to attend the IAB Annual Leadership meeting. To promote networking – and frank discussions on issues that are top-of-mind to buyers and sellers alike – OpenX capped off the first full day with sponsored cocktail reception.

As the sound of shakers mixing martinis and Manhattans permeated the event, attendees shared their concerns over two topics of particular importance: traffic quality and mobile.

The IAB created a buzz for the former when it kicked of its meeting with a hold-no-punches discussion fraud, telling marketers and agencies they need to be a whole lot more vigilant about it. In fact, newly inducted IAB Chairman and Ziff Davis Inc. CEO Vivek Shah blamed them for allowing traffic fraud to grow, and reminded them it was their job to end it.

(In December, the IAB released Traffic Fraud: Best Practices for Reducing Risk to Exposure, which lists five concrete steps they can take to end it.)

As we’ve openly expressed previously, OpenX agrees with the IAB that all of us – buyers included – have important roles to play in ending fraud.

The truth is, fraudsters have all the time in the world to concoct new schemes, which is why we must be extra vigilant in everything we do. At OpenX we take no chances, and have built a multi-pronged approach to detecting and eliminating nefarious traffic. We have a dedicated Traffic Quality team that analyzes traffic in real time. We’ve created stringent policies for screening who can participate in our marketplace, and we’ve developed technologies that filter all traffic.

As talk turned to mobile we had good news to share with our revelers:  we announced a new private mobile ad exchange with Airpush and made significant enhancements to our SDK for mobile app developers.

Earlier this month, OpenX and Airpush announced a partnership to launch AirX, a new private mobile ad exchange that will give marketers access to the world’s biggest pool of 100% brand-safe mobile app inventory. Mobile app inventory offers more options for targeting prospects, which improves campaign performance.

In addition, we’ve upgraded our SDK to add important new functionality to promote highly engaging ads, including enhanced support for install ads and tracking, interstitial video ads and video player controls.

In-app ads are the best way for marketers to reach and engage prospects since they offer the most robust options for targeting audiences (thanks to all that rich data users opt to share as they install an app!). Our recent SDK advances will go a long way in helping advertisers meet consumers where they spend most of their time: the mobile devices.  

And that’s not all.  We’ll be attending Mobile World Congress and we’ll have more exciting news to share. 

Now that’s something to cheers too!