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REV New Media Doubles eCPMs


  • REV New Media needed a strategic consultant to help optimize their campaigns.
  • The company implemented the OpenX Ad Serving platform to support their growth and manage all of its revenue from a single location.
  • Within 5 months, eCPMs across REV New Media sites increased by 100%.

REV New Media Doubles eCPM across its Sites With the Help of OpenX

REV New Media is a Los Angeles-based digital entertainment network that delivers engaging original content to millennials. Its multiple platforms include Hollyscoop, ModaMob, The Savory, Stereotude and The Fumble, which attract tens of millions unique users per month.

Online Help Files From Another Vendor Didn’t Help

With an audience that shops online, REV New Media easily attracts premium advertisers to its sites. As business grew, the publisher realized they needed a deeper partnership with its ad serving provider.

“We didn’t know a lot about ad serving technology, and we needed a strategic consultant to help us optimize our campaigns and provide a higher level of service for our clients,” Raymond Attipa, CEO and co-founder of REV New Media. “Our existing ad server provider didn’t provide human help, just access to online help files.”

OpenX Ad Server and Plenty of Human Support

In March 2013, REV New Media implemented the OpenX Ad Server, a holistic revenue platform that features an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that streamlines complex campaign tactics, such as frequency capping.

Thanks to OpenX, REV New Media had no trouble optimizing their campaigns.

“It’s incredibly easy to traffic campaigns with all the bells and whistles using the OpenX Ad Server,” said Raymond Attipa, CEO at REV New Media.


CEO at REV New Media

As a matter of policy, OpenX assigns a dedicated account team that includes strategic and technical assistance to all publishers. “Human help is just an email away. Whenever we have a question or experience a problem, my OpenX account team works to resolve it immediately. Their responsiveness is second to none,” said Mr. Attipa

OpenX account teams also schedule quarterly reviews to help the client identify areas of growth, and to provide best practices to support it.

OpenX Ad Exchange Boosts CPMs

Prior to using OpenX, REV New Media relied on ad networks to monetize its inventory, but with a seamless integration between the OpenX Ad Server and Ad Exchange, the publisher was able to test programmatic selling.

Through the use of the OpenX real-time bidding platform that attracts top-quality advertisers, REV New Media increased yields almost immediately. Within five months, eCPM across its sites increased by 100%.

“We love real-time bidding. The ad networks want to pay as little as possible for as much inventory as they can get. By sticking the ad exchange in the middle of that we forced the ad networks to work harder, and that led to a significant lift to our overall eCPM,” said Mr. Attipa.

A Platform for Growth

With CPMs on the rise, and inventory beginning to attract premium prices, REV New Media plans to build a direct sales channel by the end of 2013.

The OpenX Ad Serving platform will support their growth by enabling the company to manage all of its revenue in a single location.