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Engagement Rates Double with OpenX Ad Exchange (formerly OpenX Market)

A Niche Ad Network with a Big Idea EyeCue Digital, a niche ad network, helps global brands reach their target audiences with a unique approach: strive to satisfy the publisher as much as the advertiser. “We want the publisher to be just as happy as the advertiser, and one way to do that is to ensure the ads we place resonate with the publisher’s readers,” explains Ryan Berkofsky, Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Alliances at EyeCue Digital. “We make sure we understand our advertisers’ target audience. Then we find the absolute best sources to place their ads.” EyeCue Digital’s client list includes numerous well-known brands including Telus (the Canadian telecom), ING Direct, and Quebec/Ontario Tourism. OpenX Market Doubles Engagement Rates Many of EyeCue Digital’s clients use 300 x 250 video ads for their brand campaigns. Success is measured by the number of engagements – the number of users who play a video for five or more seconds. Prior to OpenX Market, engagement rates for these types of brand campaigns hovered in the 20 – 25% range. When EyeCue Digital began buying inventory through OpenX Market, a global ad exchange, engagement rates shot up – often topping 80%. “Our clients have been ecstatic with the results on OpenX Market. It’s very clear to me that OpenX Market has better inventory than any other network we’ve used,” said Mr. Berkofsky. Transparent Reporting on RON Campaigns EyeCue Digital purchases inventory via OpenX Market for its run-of-network muted audio campaigns in Canada, the U.S., and Europe. The reason: OpenX Market’s detailed delivery reports list the domains that their ads run on, and at what cost. “The reports are a huge benefit for us because if we come across a site that performs really well we can specifically target it. Likewise, we can blacklist under-performing sites. When we use other networks or exchanges, we must hire an outside party to create those reports for us,” Mr. Berkofsky said. Campaign Control with Advertising Console With over 15 years of experience in the digital advertising industry, Mr. Berkofsky is a master in the art of digital brand campaigns. So when it comes to buying inventory, he wants a tool that gives him total control. He uses the OpenX Market Advertising Console, a web-based gateway to OpenX Market that lets EyeCue Digital leverage rules-based bidding. “The Advertising Console gives me absolute control over every aspect of my campaigns: geo-targeting, frequency capping, channel targeting, daily caps, and pricing,” said Mr. Berkofsky. “This is critical because my relationship with our advertisers would suffer if I had to rely on an outside vendor to launch or change my campaigns. With Ad Console, I can make changes as soon as my advertisers request them.” OpenX Customer Service Walks-the-Walk “I don’t need help very often but when I do, my OpenX account team is always available. They’re very proactive, often calling me if they find something isn’t running quite right. A lot of providers in the marketplace promise that level of support, but OpenX actually delivers it,” Mr. Berkofsky said.