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Mobile App Platform succeeds with OpenX Ad Server (formerly OpenX Enterprise)

Mobile Ad Innovator

Hatch Labs, an IAC-owned incubator, funds new mobile ventures with big potential; with Blu Trumpet, they knew they found their first major innovation.

“The user base is increasing exponentially in the mobile industry. Many app developers and advertisers are moving into mobile advertising, and we saw a need for a platform that provided a better ROI for advertisers,” said Nina Sodhi, CEO, Blu Trumpet.

Connecting Buyers, Sellers, and Users

Blu Trumpet connects the three key players in the mobile ecosystem:
— Application publishers who want to maximize their ad revenue
— Application developers who want to promote their apps to consumers
— Consumers searching for new, relevant applications

“Users have a problem with discovery, because there are too many applications in the app stores. Blu Trumpet has made it easy for users to find new apps. Plus advertisers engage users with ads that get positive ROI,” said Dinesh Moorjani, founder & CEO of Hatch Labs.

To simplify discovery for consumers, Blu Trumpet developed an AppExplorer, which features a rotating list of mobile applications. On it, Blu Trumpet features relevant apps from companies like CollegeHumor and, and only charges them when users actually install the apps.

Finding the Right Technology Partner

While developing Blu Trumpet, the team realized that they would need a powerful ad-server they could build on—plus a nimble technology partner. “When we thought about the problem we were solving around distribution and monetization for app developers, we realized it would be faster to work with a partner,” said Moorjani.

Blu Trumpet was impressed with OpenX Enterprise’s comprehensive and easyto- use technology that fit perfectly with the company’s mobile focus. In addition to ad serving, the system’s flexible API—in which every object in the ad server is available programmatically—enabled Blu Trumpet to develop its own user interface, creating a completely branded experience for consumers.

Blu Trumpet discovered another valuable tool with OpenX Enterprise: comprehensive data logs. For data-intensive customers, OpenX can send a ‘feed’ that supplies unique data. This enables Blu Trumpet to create a branded graphical interface packed with the unique performance metrics their clients require. “OpenX was critical in helping us get there,” Sodhi said.

Unique reach, relevance, and efficiency will make Blu Trumpet a major force in the mobile marketing industry. “We want to bring innovation into the space, and create an elegant solution for users,” Sodhi said. “We’re excited about what Blu Trumpet offers, especially with OpenX helping us.”