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OpenX Ad Exchange (formerly OpenX Market) Maximizes Ad Revenue for Breaking Media

Leaders in Niche-Audience Development

Breaking Media is a leader in aggregating valuable niche audiences across their sites,, and Combined, Breaking Media’s sites attract 2.2 million unique readers per month including lawyers, hedge fund managers, and fashion enthusiasts.

Undervalued Indirect Inventory

Developing niche audiences was easier than monetizing them. The publisher regularly sent its unsold inventory to the leading ad networks and exchanges, but was almost always disappointed by the results. “We were lucky if we got $0.25 to $0.35 CPM for our inventory,” said David Minkin, Publisher at Breaking Media. “I don’t think our partners did much to communicate the value of our inventory to buyers. For the most part, it was lumped into a general audience category.”

Real-Time Auctions to the Rescue

OpenX Market is a leading ad exchange where ad networks, agencies, demand side platforms, and brands bid for inventory from quality website publishers in real time. With 8 billion bids per day from thousands of advertisers, OpenX’s scale ensures publishers earn top dollar for each impression.

OpenX invited Breaking Media to send a portion of its inventory directly to OpenX Market. OpenX’s real-time auction then matched Breaking Media’s valuable audiences with the right advertisers.

In a short period, OpenX sent Breaking Media’s CPMs soaring. “We jumped on OpenX Market and immediately were getting CPMs in the $0.85 to $1.00 range. It was amazing,” said Mr. Minkin.

The OpenX Revenue Guarantee

Six months into the relationship, OpenX approached Breaking Media with a compelling proposition: send us your unsold inventory, and we’ll give you a revenue guarantee for it. Breaking Media accepted.

“OpenX offered us a $1.25 CPM revenue guarantee and they’ve delivered on it every month,” said Mr. Minkin. “Their guarantee is an incredible deal for us. Our revenues are up, and we can count on it—with less effort on our part. I’d recommend OpenX to any publisher.”

Better Quality and Less Work

As a reputable publisher, Breaking Media wanted to protect its audience’s user experience. To maintain quality, OpenX enables publishers to whitelist or blacklist specific brands, as well as block entire categories of ads.

“Prior to working with OpenX, we had quite a few instances where I’d have to send emergency emails to our ad network contacts requesting they take ads off the site. Today we send a vast amount of inventory to OpenX, and I’ve never had an issue of quality.” explained Mr. Minkin.

Moreover, OpenX’s streamlined interface, intuitive workflows, and robust reporting have simplified Mr. Minkins day. “I no longer need to login to multiple systems, see what’s running and how it’s performing, and then build a spreadsheet to compare the networks. And I no longer need to decide which network I’m going to move up or down, and then log back into those networks to move the tags around. In short, OpenX has taken a huge amount of work out of my week.”