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Chitika Continues Expansion into Programmatic Buying with OpenX Partnership


  • Chitika sought to expand its advertising portfolio by developing programmatic buying division in 2012.
  • To enhance its existing services, the company turned to OpenX to provide quality inventory, control and accurate placement.
  • One of its largest campaigns saw daily revenues jump 500 percent when OpenX was added to the supply mix and generated an average click-through rate twice as high as other supply sources.

Chitika seeks new opportunity with programmatic buying

Exploring ways to expand their business, Chitika noticed the rising tide of programmatic buying and how it’s lifted the digital advertising industry. This was exactly the opportunity it sought when it decided to develop a programmatic buying division in 2012. By moving into new areas, the 10-year old online ad network hoped to offer its long-standing clients increased reach and efficiency.

Chitika’s advertising partners include Yahoo!, SuperMedia and HomeAdvisor, among others, to create one of the largest online advertising networks available. The firm’s extensive experience has given it the unique ability to get the right distribution for advertisers, resulting in the placement of over 4 billion ads each month.

Finding the right partner at the right time

The growth of programmatic buying has helped Chitika serve its customers more effectively. But to enhance its existing services, the company has turned to OpenX to provide diverse offerings and accurate placement.

“We were essentially going to our advertisers saying ‘Guys, we can do exactly what we are doing in our network for you, but we could amplify that across essentially the entire ad supported web and really find the people you are looking to target,’” said Michael Ouellette, Chitika’s Head of Real Time Trading Desk Division. “We can run with everything Chitika is good at by working with partners like OpenX to access more inventory far beyond our network. We love their inventory.”

The move has proven beneficial for Chitika and its clients. One of Chitika’s largest campaigns saw daily revenues jump 500 percent when OpenX was added to the supply mix. This campaign has continued to outperform other supply sources, generating an average click-through rate on OpenX that’s sometimes twice as high as other supply sources.These successes have resulted in the rapid sourcing from the OpenX Ad Exchange.

OpenX helps Chitika maintain its reputation

When building its programmatic buying platform, Chitika did have a number of challenges to overcome. If programmatic buying failed to deliver results that clients expected, the firm’s reputation and its relationships with essential partners would be damaged. The organization had become a trusted source for premium inventory for its clients and needed to provide the same high-quality ad space with its new venture.

OpenX was a natural fit for this partnership for a number of reasons. As a global leader in digital and mobile advertising services, it has the capability to deliver integrated solutions quickly. This was essential to Chitika. Ouellette noted that implementation projects can often stretch beyond their initial predictions, creating additional costs and frustration for clients. The speed at which OpenX services could be incorporated within Chitika’s own proprietary bidding network allowed it to begin seeing results within a very short time. Ouellette also stated that his department was also able to maintain control of its network.

“The OpenX UI wasn’t a black box. We had control, whether it was brand safety or supply transparency, controls were there from the beginning, which helps differentiate OpenX,” he said.

Because of the quality of traffic, speed and flexibility of the partnership with OpenX, Chitika has successfully expanded its services and created value for its customers.

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