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OpenX Brings New Buyers and Lower CPAs for ConvertMedia and its Clients


  • ConvertMedia sought to provide more reliable and effective results for its clients.
  • ConvertMedia chose to partner with OpenX due to its commitment to trustworthy and high-quality publishers and supply sources.
  • The partnership has helped ConvertMedia increase their business by delivering better results.

Founded on a simple premise: Eliminate the risks in digital advertising

As Henry Ford once said, “I know only half of my advertising works. The problem is, I don’t know which half.”

No one needs to tell Yoav Naveh, co-founder and CEO of ConvertMedia, about the perils of ‘spray-and-pray’ advertising. He’d seen first hand the dismal results that too many digital campaigns delivered.

That’s why, responding to commercial and non-profit advertisers alike, ConvertMedia decided to develop a programmatic media-buying platform that focused on how users actually behaved, rather than on some subset of user attributes. In a nutshell, ConvertMedia predicts the likelihood of a user conversion, calculates the value of that user, and buys ads in the right place for the right price.

“Our goal is to help marketers leverage the programmatic buying ecosystem, but on a performance-pricing basis. Instead of charging our clients for volume, let’s allow our clients to buy on a results-driven basis and we’ll translate those goals into effective CPMs,” said Mr. Naveh.

To deliver on its vision, ConvertMedia developed a proprietary Precognitive Ad Targeting technology that combines pattern recognition and look-a-like modeling to execute campaigns that are focused on new customer acquisition and discovering new audience segments. Engagement, conversion and shopping cart patterns are analyzed and fed in real time into ConvertMedia’s inventory buying models, which converts CPM buys into performance-based campaigns.

“Through our proprietary technology, we’re able to identify opportunities and unlock value in the RTB ecosystem. Other buy-side tech providers can’t match this functionality,” said Mr. Naveh.

Need for Highly-Qualified Impressions Purchased Cost-Effectively

As every marketer knows, not all impressions are created equally. Given that ConvertMedia’s entire business model is premised in delivering results, Mr. Naveh and his team recognized that programmatic access to high-quality impressions was a critical success factor.

“Without the right impressions, a client’s campaign will stall, failing to drive new buyers to its website or increasing conversions,” said Mr. Naveh. “At the same time, cost-effectiveness was key. We needed to be smart about our media acquisition.”

To help meet their clients’ demands to drive new buyers at scale, and with cost-effective CPCs and CPAs, ConvertMedia searched for a reliable partner that could ensure its clients could get the quality impressions they needed to see high returns on investment. “We wanted a partner who understood the importance of knowing an audience when creating efficient buying strategies.”

The Solution: Partnering with OpenX Ad Exchange

The OpenX Ad Exchange was a natural source for ConvertMedia. OpenX’s robust quality assurance program features a dedicated traffic quality team of ten people; a proprietary filtration process that blocks bot and other nefarious traffic; a rigorous publisher approval process; and partnerships with technology leaders that provide an added layer of protection.

One of OpenX’s partners is Adometry, the industry leader in click scoring. Adometry’s score indicates the likelihood that a click will lead to a conversion, and filters out suspicious traffic. Adometry rates OpenX traffic 30% higher than its industry benchmark – good news for clients interested in CPC and CPA.

“OpenX’s traffic quality assurance program looks at all aspects of the inventory, and by extension, the audience behind each impression, before letting it into the exchange. That goes a long way in helping us meet our performance goals on behalf of clients,” said Mr. Naveh.

And with over 100 billion impressions available each month, the OpenX Ad Exchange offers the scale ConvertMedia needs for client campaigns.

Helping Clients Meet Their Goals

With plenty of high-quality inventory now available to them, ConvertMedia relies on its customized algorithms and bidder to find the right audiences for clients. The partnership significantly reduces the risks associated with media buying by guaranteeing the delivery of quality views, which helps marketers manage their ad performance.

“Ensuring that that you’re targeting the right audience at the right time with the right message, we can help our clients realize lower cost per action. Brands are now able to make conversions at a higher rate than they would from CPM-based media buying,” said Mr. Naveh. It’s too bad Mr. Ford didn’t live to see this; he would have been impressed.