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Header Bidding Solution

OpenX Bidder is the highest yielding header bidding solution used by publishers today. By providing access to one of the most powerful programmatic marketplaces in the world - the OpenX Ad Exchange - publishers immediately experience increased competition from premium brands for their impressions. The results are dynamic bids and smarter decisioning that help publishers optimize the value of every impression.

OpenX Bidder Empowers Publishers To:

Increase competition across secure, high quality demand

Fully optimize the value of every impression

Eliminate passbacks that create discrepancies and drive down revenue

Set up Private Marketplaces and enable Real-Time Guaranteed deals

Unrivaled Performance

On average, OpenX Bidder delivers 300% more revenue than any other header bidding solution.

In a head-to-head comparison against nine different header bidding solutions, OpenX Bidder continues to outperform.

OpenX Bidder outperforms other solutions in revenue by:

39% 46% 285% 326% 340% 347% 487% 562% 566%
Solution 1 Solution 2 Solution 3 Solution 4 Solution 5 Solution 6 Solution 7 Solution 8 Solution 9
* OpenX Data from May 2016 across 52 publishers Contact us to learn more

Publishers using OpenX Bidder have experienced revenue lifts of 35% or more.

“As one of the first publishers to invest in header bidding, we chose a partner who shares our progressive approach to monetization. With our dedicated OpenX Yield Analyst, we saw a 30-40 percent lift in revenue from OpenX Bidder in just a few weeks.”

“Due to the increase in competition for our inventory, we’ve seen a 30-40 percent increase in CPMs.”

“Quite simply, it worked. We’ve seen such high CPMs that it’s like OpenX Bidder is our 2nd most successful salesperson.”

Publisher Spotlights

Graphiq Case Study

Graphiq Case Study Case Study Case Study

A Deep Dive into Header Bidding

Watch to learn more about containers, speed and the future

Header bidding has revolutionized programmatic advertising and continues to grow at an unprecedented speed. As we continue to strengthen and build new capabilities for our header bidding solution, we want to share our findings with our partners and the programmatic community.

Header Bidding: A look at Speed

Header Bidding: A Look at Speed

The Evolution of Header Bidding and the Rise of Containers

The Evolution of Header Bidding and the Rise of Containers

The Future of Header Bidding

The Future of Header Bidding

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Everything You Need to
Know About Header Bidding

Header Bidding continues to take our industry by storm. When this infographic was first created in 2015 there was a lot of confusion about what header bidding is, how it works, and why the industry should be paying attention. Since then header bidding has evolved but sometimes everyone can benefit from brushing up on the fundamentals.
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