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OpenX’s Real-Time Guarantees Offer Best Of Both Worlds

In the last couple of years, private ad trading marketplaces have given ad sellers the efficiencies offered by programmatic trading technology, but by ringfencing premium inventory off from open-market fodder.

Now ad tech platform vendor OpenX is launching its take on the concept to offer a best-of-both approach of its own.

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OpenX Numbers Paint A Rosy Picture

Privately held OpenX has opened the kimono on its year-end 2015 financials — and those numbers, released Tuesday, paint a rosy picture. The independent sell-side platform revealed net revenue of $140 million, with 40% year-over-year organic growth, positive net income and 100% year-over-year mobile revenue growth. The company also said it added 250 publisher clients in 2015 and logged a 100% retention rate of its top 75 clients.

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Great Expectations: The Economic Argument for Quality in Advertising

Programmatic advertising is the engine that powers free digital content. In less heady terms, programmatic advertising is the heavily automated process of buying and selling digital ad space. Often described as the future of online advertising, global programmatic ad spend will hit $14 billion this year, and is projected to grow rapidly over the next four years to nearly $37 billion by 2019.

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