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The Tao of Real-Time Media

Coming of age, as I did, in the early 1970s, Bruce Lee became one of my personal heroes — for many reasons — but until recently, none of them had to do with the way I think about the media marketplace. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about Bruce Lee and how he might have approached real-time media-buying.

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OpenX: Success in fast-growing space

It’s always nice to get a pat on the back, and OpenX Technologies Inc. just got six of them. The Pasadena-based company, one of the world’s leading providers of digital and mobile advertising technology, just snagged six top awards in the Los Angeles News Group’s Winning Workplaces poll.  Four of the wins – Best Overall Company to Work For, Best Overall Leadership, Best Workplace Culture, and Best Benefits Program – were in the category of large businesses with 200 employees or more.

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The Other Type Of ‘Scale’ Favors Buyers

The type of “scale” most often referred to in the digital ad industry revolves around size. But what about “scale” in terms of comparison?

“The overall ecosystem is teetering dangerously [in favor] on the side of the buyer,” said Jason Fairchild, co-founder of OpenX. Fairchild was speaking on the “Revenge of the SSP” panel at the RTB Insider Summit on Friday.

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OpenX Aims to Boost Publishers’ Online Ads with New SSP Technology

Publishers have always gotten the short end of the stick in online advertising. That comes as no surprise when you realize there’s just about a limitless number of places to run ads, but the technologies underlying online ads, especially placed through the automated real-time bidding auction process called programmatic advertising, also have been built in a way that gives advertisers and agencies much of the power. “The publishers have been left out of the bonanza of online ad wealth,” says Gartner analyst Andrew Frank.

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Adtech firm OpenX unveils an industry-changing fusion of real-time bidding and ad networks

Advertising technology company OpenX today announced an impressive new product, dubbed Demand Fusion, that brings together a real-time bidding platform and ad network demand.

Traditionally, supply-side platforms (SSPs), which focus on serving publishers and their ad inventory, have siloed ad networks and real-time bidding (RTB). While some players offer publishers the opportunity to choose between an RTB and the flat pricing of ad networks, none have been able to combine them dynamically up until now.

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With Its “Demand Fusion” Tech, OpenX Helps Publishers Take A Smarter Approach To Real-Time Bidding

Ad tech company OpenX is announcing a new version of its supply-side platform today, which co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Jason Fairchild described as “SSP generation two.”

OpenX offers a number of ad tools for online publishers, including an ad server, an ad exchange and, following the acquisition of LiftDNA in 2012, an SSP (which helps publishers automate the sale of their ad inventory).

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OpenX shows publishers the money with a new SSP blending network and RTB demand

OpenX knows a thing or two about innovating at the bleeding edge of the digital advertising. The six-year-old Pasadena company pioneered the concept of the ad exchange – which brokers ads between multiple ad networks – and later real-time bidding (RTB) – in which digital ad impressions are auctioned programmatically. More recently, it launched the world’s first native mobile exchange. Today, OpenX is back in its familiar envelope pushing role with the launch of a reimagined supply side platform (SSP).

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The Race-To-Balance: Can SSPs Make Demand Flow Up A Waterfall?

The term waterfall has many connotations, but in the ad technology business, it is usually used to describe how people and technology are used to manage the flow of demand from advertisers.

The problem is that up until now, it’s been a little bit like the way water flows in the physical world — always downhill. Now, a new generation of so-called SSPs — or supply-side platforms — is seeking to defy the natural effects of gravity and get demand to flow upstream.

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YP Embraces Programmatic, Taps OpenX to Sell Display Inventory

Local ad platform YP has beefed up its digital ad offering by “investing heavily in programmatic” through a new partnership with OpenX.

The companies have struck a multi-year agreement that will give YP access to OpenX’s supply-side platform (SSP), OpenX ad exchange, and OpenX’s ad server. The partnership is effective immediately.

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