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‘New York Daily News’ Latest To Sell Programmatically

The New York Daily News on Monday announced it has partnered with OpenX, a supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic trading, to sell digital ads on through automation.

Grant Whitmore, executive vice president of digital at NYDN, claimed in a statement that the Web site has seen its aggregate yield jump over 25% after plugging into OpenX. He added that the partnership signifies another step “toward an increasingly automated future in advertising.”

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clientLogo_mediapost Taps OpenX for Programmatic Selling

For publishers looking to open up inventory to programmatic buyers, “X” marks the spot. on Thursday partnered with OpenX, a supply-side platform (SSP) for programmatic trading. Patch will use OpenX as its first-look provider for ad serving and monetization across its 900-plus sites, per a release.

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OpenX Overtakes Google at Top of ‘Trust Index’

OpenX has overtaken Google as the most trusted inventory source, according to figures released this week, as the latter of the pairing aims to underline its leadership in the industry’s fight against dishonest players.

The claims were made in the latest update to Pixalate’s Global Seller Trust Index (GSTI), which ranks inventory quality and security risk, with the company further revealing that 70% of media inventory sources are exposed to malware-driven ad fraud, with one-in-20 internet users infected by it.

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‘Malware Score’ Comes To Pixalate’s RTB Seller Index; OpenX Tops Google

Overall, OpenX dethroned Google AdX as the most “trustworthy” RTB seller with a score of 96 last month. Google only fell one spot to No. 2 with a score of 95, tied with Rubicon Project.

The updated index — which looks at data from April 2015 — also includes several new features, including a malware score (measuring how much malware risk there is with each individual sellers) and an entirely new section that breaks down each seller by IAB-defined verticals.

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RANKED: The hottest pre-IPO ad tech startups of 2015

Cadogan has previously told Business Insider he declines to rule out an IPO, and there are whispers in the industry that the company may now be close to filing. Milestones this year include achieving the top spot in Pixalate’s global seller trust index and posting “double digit EBITDA.” OpenX is second only to Google’s DoubleClick when it comes to the amount of ad impressions served, according to data from Evidon.

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People of Ad Tech: OpenX Mobile GM Rob Kramer

OpenX Mobile General Manager Rob Kramer tells WIT Strategy‘s Bill Brazell how publishers can move beyond display on mobile devices, toward the native and video ads that users find more engaging. Kramer explains why publishers should move quickly, to ensure that their page and app designs are ready for the ad revenue that has begun to flow to those formats. And he illuminates the rising importance of contextual data about app usage.

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Pack Your Bags! These Workplaces Will Make You Move to Los Angeles Tomorrow

Los Angeles enjoyed a renaissance of sorts over the last several years. Not only have neighborhoods become more walkable and declining business districts have been revitalized, the city has had a boom in innovative businesses.

If you want to work for a company that is poised to revolutionize the online advertising market, explore the opportunities available at OpenX. Named by Inc. as one of “L.A.’s 10 Hottest Startups,” when you sign on at OpenX you’ll be surrounded by a top-notch crew of entrepreneurial team players and enjoy a slew of perks.

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7 LA tech offices you’ll wish you worked at

When you think about it, an office is a home away from home for many people. It is important to OpenX that employees feel comfortable in their work environment and also inspired. The layout of our headquarters promotes collaboration, the design inspires the OpenX team to think beyond ordinary boundaries, and the overall space reflects the OpenX culture. If we can turn an ordinary wall into a Redwood Forest or a faux climbing wall, each member of the OpenX team can do anything they set their mind to.

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OpenX Opens New Front on Fraud, Takes Battle to User’s Browser

Programmatic audience exchange OpenX today unveiled a more aggressive method of tracking the quality of online audience impressions sold through its exchange, taking the battle from a publisher’s page to a user’s browser. The new generation of its so-called “Traffic Quality Platform” relies on directly integrating tags on publishers pages that can detect when suspicious browser activity lands on them, and then automatically filtering out user traffic deemed fraudulent or of insufficient quality.

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