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Building a Consumer Grade Experience for Business Clients

Excellent customer service is no longer just associated with consumers. Business clients are increasingly comparing their experience and interaction with their personal consumer experiences and expectations. One area that illustrates the issues and opportunities for B2B client experiences is in the world of “programmatic advertising” – a relatively new technology having a seismic impact on the global advertising economy.

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Tech Trend To Watch This Holiday Season: Mobile Advertising

Mobile usage among consumers is expected to continue to grow at this breakneck pace. Smartphone users worldwide will surpass the 2 billion mark over the next year, per eMarketer.

Further, consumers are growing more comfortable purchasing via the mobile channel, while Facebook IQ found that the frequency of mobile purchases increased 35% between January through May of this year.

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The Candidate Winning on Social Media

Weeks before the Democratic candidates took stage in Las Vegas, their campaigns were busy preparing for the equally important, off-air conversations that saturate social-media platforms. Based solely on the candidates’ use of social media during the debate, there was no contest: Hillary Clinton was the clear victor.

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Growth Doesn’t Happen Behind Iron Curtains

Churchill’s reference to the Iron Curtain in 1946 was meant to create a dark and gloomy picture of what would happen when the eastern bloc was cut off from choice, innovation and the efficiency of open markets. Dramatic and accurate, his point that limited competition leads to limited growth played out precisely as predicted.

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Today Show

Does The Workplace Need More ‘Play’ Time?

Our “Be a Kid TODAY” series focusing on youthful activities for grown-ups continues with a look at why some companies are making play time at work a priority, believing it builds team spirit and morale. TODAY lifestyle and fitness correspondent Jenna Wolfe reports.

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