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Can You Trust Your Ad Exchange? New Index May Provide The Answer

It’s no secret that the fast-rising practice of automated or “programmatic” selling of display ads carries a lot of risks–namely, advertisers often can’t be certain which sites their ads actually ran on, or even how many people actually saw them. Now, an analytics firm focused on programmatic ad sales has released a “global seller trust index” for the first time.

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What Every Tech-Savvy Marketer Should Know About the Future of Programmatic Advertising Brands prefer the private marketplace

Premium programmatic is a hot concept, and it’s catching on. The ad industry’s top brands are embracing more automation for digital campaigns—Cadillac, Tory Burch, CBS—and publishers are too. OpenX, an ad tech platform for buyers and sellers, is working on a programmatic direct model where the advertisers have certainty and control.

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Domain ‘Laundering’ Is the Latest Fraud Threat

Several major players in the online advertising ecosystem have very publicly declared their war on fraud. Marketers have spoken up against paying for traffic coming from non-human “bots” or ads that are so tiny they aren’t viewable. Now, there is yet another fraudulent tactic for them to worry about.

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Your Ad Ran Here (Not Really)

URL Masking Is Another Type Fraud Plaguing Automated Ad Buying Marketplaces

Though lucrative bot fraud gets much of the digital advertising industry’s attention, so-called URL masking, where publishers misrepresent their URLs to buyers, is another growing problem. “We see it as a major threat to the validity and the integrity of the exchanges out there,” said John Murphy, who leads traffic quality efforts at ad-tech company OpenX and is charged with fighting URL masking.

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The programatic story needs to be told: OpenX signals IPO-readiness, hires veteran comms exec Deborah Roth as CCO

The best companies, much like people, grow up over time. One of the clearest signals of this maturation is hiring the kind of experienced leadership capable of operating a business at meaningful scale, both in terms of employee headcount and revenue or customer count.

For OpenX, the seven-year-old, Pasadena-based programmatic advertising platform, this maturation meant in part taking the challenge of telling its story more seriously, according to co-founder and CEO Tim Cadogan. Thus, the company today announced the addition of Deborah Roth as its first ever Chief Communications Officer.

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L.A. tech firms boost perks to attract top skills

How does an old-fashioned print-era company — formerly known as the Yellow Pages — attract top Westside talent to its offices in Glendale as it tries to remake itself as an online local search company? For those who live in hip parts L.A., the company now called YP has an answer it borrowed from Silicon Valley: the luxury bus.

Big Bay Area companies are well-known for busing workers from San Francisco to Silicon Valley. At advertising technology provider OpenX in Pasadena, President John Gentry said benefits at his company, such as a masseuse, are important though are peripheral.

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TraderTalk TV: OpenX’s Jason Fairchild Explains How Various Demand Classes Can Be Merged Into One Auction (Video)

How do you merge all demand classes – particularly RTB and network demand – into one big huge auction? OpenX is launching new functionality on its SSP solution to address this problem on the supply side. Here Jason Fairchild gives us a deep dive on how the process works via the medium of the #TraderTalkTV whiteboard – and how publishers can now bundle all these demand sources into one buying channel.

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The native gold rush: How native ad formats are winning

Native advertising is a bit like the Ice Bucket Challenge – you must be living on the moon not to have heard of it. The reason for its popularity is the extent to which it has been embraced by publishers and advertisers alike. Native advertising spend is expected to reach $6.4bn in the US by 2017, so it is clear the industry recognises the lucrative opportunity that native presents.

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OpenX named in L.A.’s 10 Hottest Start-ups

L.A.’s start-up scene is booming. Just consider some of these stats recently released by Built in LA, an online start-up community. In the first half of 2013, 94 new companies launched, more than $500 million total in capital went to 92 companies, and eight companies exited for a collective $153 million. Here’s a look at the top 10 start-ups in the area, based on the size of their most recent transactions:

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Evolution For Programmatic: Time To Cut Waste

With programmatic gaining massive traction, industry participants are justifiably taking a hard look at whether it is delivering on its significant promise. Recent commentary has attempted to call into question the very efficiency of the process. Admittedly, there are issues, and while we can fix them, we have to first agree that it’s time, and that we’re willing to act.


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