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OpenX Becomes Certified AMP Project Partner

Programmatic marketplace provider OpenX on Monday said it’s now a certified Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project partner. AMP, an open-source framework launched by Google and based on standard HTML5, aims to improve the mobile Web for everyone, making it as fast as possible.

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OpenX Meta Creates Server-to-Server Alternative To Header Bidding Wrappers

To help publishers manage multiple header bidding partners, OpenX created a server-to-server wrapper dubbed OpenX Meta.  The advantage of OpenX Meta is that it moves all the action – long, slow bid requests – off a publisher’s page and onto its server. From there, it can quickly ping all the other partners. As a result, OpenX projects that publishers that implement its solution would see a faster ad call process.

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Ad Fraud Can Learn From Credit Card Fraud: OpenX’s Cadogan

It’s easy to forget now but, when credit cards first came on to the scene, they suffered a bad reputation, as poor security measures allowed nefarious clerks and larger-scale operators to clone and defraud accounts.

Nowadays, however, credit card fraud is declining year on year.  For ad industry types still wringing their hands at ad fraud, there is a salutary lesson, says the boss of ad-tech vendor OpenX.

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OpenX Opens Up Header Bidding To Real-Time Guarantees

The latest piece of ad-tech lingo is “header bidding” – a kind of advance bidding on ad inventory where publishers offer ad spots to multiple sources of ad demand, hopefully increasing their yield.

Ad-tech vendor OpenX is amongst the pioneers in the space. And now its recently announced Real-Time Guaranteed (RTG) system is connecting with header bidding technology to do more.

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