OpenX’s Ad Exchange is one of the largest programmatic digital advertising exchanges

Access the power of the OpenX Ad Exchange for your mobile apps and mobile web inventory, to maximize the value of each impression.

Gain instant access to the marketing budgets of 100% of AdAges Top 100 Advertisers and more than 34,000 brands.  Access over 150 DSPs and 700+ Agencies and Trading Desks.

OpenX supports a wide range of ad sizes to fit your needs and maintain the best user experience.

Together with our focus on quality and superior customer care, OpenX will help you deliver best-in-class yield with no sacrifices.

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We provide multiple integration methods that offer you full flexibility in what you choose to optimize for.



OpenX BrandTags

Thousands of Brands…High CPM’s…No SDK

The quickest and easiest way to gain access to the OpenX Ad Exchange and increase the value of your apps ad inventory.

  • OpenX BrandTags are mobile optimized JS Tags
  • Integration is quick and easy, can be done in a single day
  • No developer resources required, use your existing ad SDK

BrandTags are the most popular type of implementation and are used by the worlds largest app developers.

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API Integration

For those publishers with a large app portfolio, a server to server integration that leverages our APIs may be the most efficient and effective method.  Specifically, server to server integration provides:

  • A scalable solution that avoids fragmentation
  • Increased simplicity across:
    • numerous app versions
    • multiple SDK versions
    • demand stacks.  

A simple to use online dashboard provides easy mediation management and detailed reporting.



The OpenX mobile SDKs provide you a way to integrate with the OpenX Ad Exchange, as well as, network mediation for your Android and iOS apps to increase revenue through multiple channels.  Features include:

  • Support for multiple ad formats
    • Banner
    • Native
    • Interstitial
    • Video – including built in player
    • Rich Media
  • Server side ad network mediation 
    • AdColony
    • AdMob
    • Facebook Audience Network
    • InMobi
    • Millennial Media
    • MoPub
  • Customization capabilities
    • Multiple screen sizes and display orientation
    • Custom ad parameters
    • Unity 3D plugin  

The Android SDK and iOS SDK help centers provide mobile developers with the information they need to integrate their apps with OpenX ad serving technologies.

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Mobile Web


Accessing the power of the OpenX Ad Exchange for your mobile web inventory couldn’t be easier. Leverage the same high performance Exchange Tags that you would use for your desktop inventory.

Simply integrate the Exchange Tags into your web page and set-up pricing controls, implement ad quality safeguards, and set up custom reports to understand and optimize your performance.

For those publishers using the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework, our certified solution works across OpenX’s entire monetization platform including; the OpenX Ad Exchange, Ad Server, SSP and the industry leading OpenX Bidder.

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