Selling Ad Inventory Just Got Easier

Multi-Screen Ad Serving

  • Optimize yield from all your revenue channels via a unified ad platform
  • Manage all inventory – including display, mobile, email and video – from a consolidated platform
  • Package and sell your valuable audience segments to earn premium CPMs
  • Enjoy efficient ad operations
  • Deliver first-class solutions to your advertisers’ needs
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Ad Exchange

Reach the world’s top advertisers, agencies, DSPs, and ad networks through a global ad exchange, where you’ll trade with real-time bidders to get higher CPMs and increase yield.

  • Maximize your overall ad yield when all buyers compete in a super auction
  • Sell 100% of your ad inventory
  • Increase control of who buys your ads and what categories of ads are run, by using whitelist and blacklist controls
  • Set minimum prices for your ad space so only bids above it are accepted
  • View detailed reports covering who buys your inventory, and what they paid for it
  • Get started fast through any ad server, or simply adding a tag to your site
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