Our Success Relies on the Success of Our Customers

By exploring and understanding the details of our customers’ business models and strategies, we are able to incorporate input into our best-in-class products and services.

But don’t just take our word for it, read what publishers worldwide have to say about working with OpenX:

Progressive Partnership Stories

“The OpenX Market Japan exchange partnership has grown rapidly and, through it, OpenX has successfully introduced its Real-Time Bidding technology platform and innovative marketplace design to Japan.”

Hideyuki Nagasawa
CEO at cyber communications, inc

“Our effective CPM is going up as a result of moving a good chunk of inventory over to OpenX.”

Steven Toy
General Manager of Digital at Billboard

“The OpenX forecasting system is a powerful addition to any ad serving platform.”

Andrew Sumitani
Manager, Business Operations at BuddyTV

“The OpenX guarantee is an incredible deal for us. Our revenues are up and we can count on it.”

Co-Founder & Publisher at Breaking Media