“OpenX’s traffic quality assurance program looks at all aspects of the inventory, and by extension, the audience behind each impression, before letting it into the exchange. That goes a long way in helping us meet our performance goals on behalf of clients.”

Yoav Naveh
Co-founder and CEO at ConvertMedia

“We saw a need for a platform that provided a better return on investment for advertisers. OpenX was critical in helping us get there.”

CEO at Blu Trumpet

“We have an enhanced way to sell and manage digital display inventory with a trusted partner like OpenX.”

David Lebow
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Digital Markets Group at YP

“We started working with OpenX a few years back and we have enjoyed a tremendous relationship with you guys ever since. OpenX’s reach and network of quality publishers are two of reasons why we chose OpenX.”

VP of Marketing at Chango

“The OpenX UI wasn’t a black box. We had control, whether it was brand safety or supply transparency, which helps differentiate OpenX.”

Head of Real Time Trading Desk Division at Chitika