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  • "Our partnership with OpenX has provided TURN access to quality inventory reach and scale for our buyers."

    Global Partner Marketing Manager at TURN

Ad Exchange

OpenX’s Ad Exchange is one of the largest programmatic digital advertising exchanges offering the highest-quality, independently-rated inventory. We understand that advertisers want full visibility into all available premium-advertising inventory and access to buy it at the fairest price. We know that marketplaces perform best when both sides of a transaction receive maximum value, and we built our Ad Exchange to ensure that happens. We offer the scale of a platform that lets advertisers reach target audiences through a vast selection of inventory across publisher sites, mobile applications, consumer devices and ad formats.

Global Scale and Unique Access

We serve more than 200 billion + ad requests every month from over 1200 publishers, opening up access for you to hundreds of millions of unique users worldwide across all formats and all screens. That means you can maximize performance of every one of your campaigns with expanded reach. Also, many publishers offer exclusive and first-look inventory through direct integration with the OpenX Ad Server and SSP, giving you preferential access to otherwise unavailable opportunities.

Actionable Insights and Transparency

You can also assess each campaign to understand where ads appear, how much you paid, and how well consumers responded. This level of detail and transparency lets you continually refine campaign parameters to maximize ROI. Over 99% of our URLs are transparent providing you full visibility into where your ads will appear, down to the domain level, before you purchase.

Brand Protection

With all of that scale, we know that you want to be assured of the quality of the inventory you buy and the safety of your brand. So, quality control tools and processes are built into the foundation of our Ad Exchange. We also continuously monitor and take measures to improve quality across the marketplace, partnering with third-party experts to minimize fraud and ensure brand safety. In fact, multiple third-party sources, continuously rate OpenX inventory as having the highest overall quality of any programmatic digital advertising exchange.

We’ve built a proven and efficient marketplace that harnesses the power of reach, reliability, and transparency and puts it in your hands. See why the largest DSPs, networks and agency trading desks use our marketplace and why top advertisers include OpenX’s Ad Exchange as a key part of their integrated marketing plan.

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