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    Jim Bankoff
    CEO at Vox Media

Ad Server

OpenX Ad Server maximizes ad revenue by optimizing all your revenue channels in one place.

The foundation of the OpenX unified monetization platform is the OpenX ad server, a flexible system capable of scaling to any impression volume.  Through our ad server, you can optimize all ad revenue channels across all screens, prioritize guaranteed ads, integrate seamlessly with our ad exchange and SSP, and create more efficient ad operations. A single cross-platform maximizes your revenue

  • Manage all demand channels (direct and indirect) and campaigns (display, mobile, video) from a single, integrated ad server
  • Leverage the OpenX RTB ad exchange with SSP to maximize revenue
  • Benefit from OpenX’s publisher focused, independent ad delivery solution

Flexible interface and API optimizes your operations

  • Customize and localize an intuitive user interface
  • Integrate your business systems (like SalesForce) through our open API
  • Operate under your sub-domain (1st party) to prevent 3rd party cookie blocking
  • Combine 3rd party data with your in-house data to sell to targeted audiences

Full support drives your business

  • Receive a dedicated deployment and support team anchored by an account manager, no matter the size of your company
  • Tap into a global support system that ensures you’re up and running 24/7
  • Meet your changing business needs with our flexible solution

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Case Study

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Doubles Revenue and Boosts CPMs Over 400%

JSOnline partnered with an SSP, but received very low CPMs, creating extra work and delivering modest revenue. After testing the OpenX Ad Exchange (formerly OpenX Market) in a 30-day trial, sending the exact inventory it previously sent to its SSP, JSOnline's CPMs leaped from $0.75 to $1.30 and leaderboard CPMs soared to $1.29 – a 400% increase.

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Toni Sampson

Digital Sales Director


Data Equals Dollars

This whitepaper describes the steps publishers should take to develop targeted audience segments based on user data to drive up CPMs and sell-through rates.

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