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    Jim Bankoff
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Ad Server

OpenX’s Ad Server is a complete digital advertising solution that lets publishers sell, manage and deliver their advertising inventory across all digital formats and screens. It’s cloud-based, feature-rich, and – most importantly – it meets the three most important needs of publishers:

Optimizing Monetization

Maximizing revenue starts with superior planning. Our Ad Server employs advanced forecasting tools that include multi-variant, ad unit level analysis, real-time inventory data, and incorporation of multiple targeting and seasonality variables. Publishers can look at their advertising model from every possible angle.

Then its fully configurable decision engine matches each impression with the right ad to deliver on publishers’ revenue goals. It does this across direct, RTB and network demand on one unified platform.

Our Ad Server can even connect publishers directly to demand. It features built-in integration with OpenX’s Ad Exchange. It’s one of the largest RTB exchanges, delivering more than 100B impressions per month, and it consistently receives superior ratings in ensuring ad quality.

Operating Efficiently

Our solution lets publishers take advantage of internal and external efficiencies and make the best use of both human and financial capital.

It lowers the total solution cost by integrating all formats, devices and sales channels on one platform. An open API also allows for direct, easy integration with existing internal systems and third-party platforms.

The consumer-grade, intuitive user experience built into our Ad Server means minimal training is required to use it. A full set of tools to manage forecasting, workflow, targeting, optimization and reporting means Ad Operations teams are able to customize the platform to directly and routinely support unique needs and processes.

Delivering the Best Advertising Experience

Nothing else matters if advertisers aren’t able to make strong connections with consumers. Our Ad Server allows for a seamless advertising experience with its ability to tailor ads across all screens and formats, making them complementary to the content.

Our solution also lets publishers fine-tune relevance of ads to consumers by supporting “and/or” decisions and targeting across content, audience, geography, technology, and custom variables. This results in publishers being able to offer a superior advertising experience to sophisticated, premium advertisers who want to reach consumers with ads that are effective and engaging.

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