Demand Fusion Technology

Supply-Side Platform

F­ull competition on every impression, so you get the best price every time

OpenX’s SSP was built with one goal. It lets you fuse all of your demand into a single auction, so you get the maximum bid for each one of your impressions. This Demand Fusion technology gives you a huge advantage over traditional SSPs that make you choose to run your auction with either networks or real-time buyers instead of having both sources compete for your inventory. There’s no more wondering if you could have gotten a better price from the other channel. There’s only one channel.

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In addition to fractured demand, traditional solutions come with the added disadvantage of ad server “hops,” which not only take more time but also often end in a complete impression loss. The OpenX SSP not only minimizes the limitations of an ‘ad networks or RTB’ decision, but it also executes the auction all from within the user’s browser.

OpenX’s SSP delivers on our promise to maximize publisher yield at every turn, and it also comes with the same advanced pricing and ad quality controls built across all of our products. You can also select various selling models, including private marketplaces, for your premium inventory and direct buyer relationships. You set the parameters for each campaign that support your business goals, and you can always rest assured that only the industry’s highest quality ads make it to your users. You’ll see the results through built-in reports that can be fully customized to show you the views that measure your top goals.

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