Demand Fusion Technology

Supply-Side Platform

OpenX SSP maximizes the full value of your inventory with industry-first Demand Fusion Technology

OpenX SSP was designed to fuse all of your network and real-time buyers into a single auction so you can increase efficiency, and maximize revenue.

Built with yield management as the top goal, our industry-first Demand Fusion technology allows network and real-time buyers to bid on impressions simultaneously. The OpenX SSP selects the buyer offering the highest CPM for each impression – all from within the user’s browser.

Our 100% yield-driven solution also includes robust features to safeguard your brand and provide you with insightful and customizable reports to make informed decisions.


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Our Unique Approach Includes:

Demand Fusion Technology

  • Our patent-pending technology transforms yield optimization through its intelligent auction mechanics and browser-side decisioning
  • Effectively fuses RTB and network demand to increase price competition, minimize impression loss and deliver maximum value for each impression

Advanced Ad Quality Tools

  • Protect your brand with a comprehensive, multi-layered system for ad quality monitoring that includes automated malware protection
  • Proactively filter, review, and block unwanted ads with publisher tools

Robust Reporting and Insight

  • Make informed decisions based on performance trends and actionable insights
  • Configure and customize reports across numerous metrics and attributes

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