Demo: OpenX Ad Server

Join us on Wednesdays at 10AM PST for an hour demonstration of the OpenX Ad Server, its features and functionalities. Training topics include:

  • How to create users and accounts
  • How to setup inventory and opt into the OpenX Ad Exchange
  • How to traffic orders and campaigns, advanced targeting, and reporting
  • And much more!



The Need for Speed: Four Main Elements that Impact Page Load for Publishers

In an age where users expect content to be readily available and easily accessible, it is increasingly challenging for publishers to provide a seamless user experience. In addition to delivering that experience, publishers rely on digital advertising to generate revenue for their business. Both are increasingly linked to speed.

So why is speed top of mind now? The recent rise of container solutions, header bidding and the shift to mobile have created competition for the same resources in the user’s browser or app that are required to quickly load a page, making it critical for the entire online advertising ecosystem to solve for speed and minimize latency. IAB and OpenX explore the four main elements that impact page load and how publishers can optimize for speed.

How to get audience insights and maximum ROI with Private Marketplaces

Private Marketplaces represents the best of programmatic. You can get brand safety, higher priority, transparent inventory, and exclusive access to YP audience segments when buying inventory on preferred terms from YP’s Private Marketplace. Luke Edson, Senior VP Marketing Solutions at YP, will share insight on YP’s exclusive audience, and how advertisers can access inventory on preferred terms through their Demand Side Platform. OpenX, a global leader in building programmatic advertising marketplaces, will also be joining the webinar. Nicole Scaglione, Director of Buyer Development at OpenX, will discuss best practices that help deals scale and generate optimal campaign results. You will be able to leverage these insights and tips to optimize your private marketplace deals and access exclusive YP inventory.

Ad & Traffic Quality: Fraud Prevention in a Premium Programmatic Marketplace

Learn more about marketplace quality concerns and solutions with John Murphy, OpenX’s VP of Marketplace Quality, as well as industry experts Vin Paolozzi of IPG Media Brands and Jeremy Hlavacek from the Weather Channel.

Topics include:

Ad quality and traffic quality issues in the industry as a whole
The importance of mutual marketplace standards between buyers and publishers
Key components in building a premium programmatic exchange

Three Sides to Viewability

Explore the effects and challenges of viewability on the marketplace from three different perspectives within the digital ad ecosystem: advertisers, publishers and third-party providers. The following webinar was hosted in partnership with OpenX, Integral Ad Science and Quantcast.

Driving Higher Yields with the new OpenX SSP

Learn how OpenX can deliver higher yields for publishers with a groundbreaking approach to SSPs.  With our Demand Fusion technology, the new OpenX SSP effectively combines RTB and network buyers to increase competition and maximize the value of each and every available impression.

Digital Advertising Trends—Programmatic, Big Data, Native, Viewability

The digital display advertising space is rapidly evolving to provide a richer storytelling experience for a more engaged audience—wherever that audience may be. In conjunction with eMarketer, this webinar explores how four trends—programmatic advertising, audience data, native advertising and viewability measurement—are making the digital display advertising space more brand friendly.

Top Trends in Mobile Location-Based Advertising

As mobile budgets swell and brands look for ways to make their ads contextually relevant to consumers, geotargeted mobile display advertising is on the rise, as are campaign results. In conjunction eMarketer, this webinar covers trends in geotargeted mobile ads including geofencing, geoconquesting, ad effectiveness and ROI.

Best Practices for the Future of Mobile

Consumers are moving to digitally connected devices at an alarming rate, which provides both challenges and opportunities. In this joint webinar with Forrester, this webinar explores the latest trends shaping the mobile marketing and advertising markets and provides suggestions on how your company can embrace the mobile revolution. Key takeaways include how publishers monetize their audiences, how to integrate mobile into the mix, and how to mature your mobile marketing approach.

Top 10 Programmatic Marketing Predictions for 2014

It’s nearly impossible today to read anything about digital marketing without programmatic marketing or big data being mentioned. While those terms might be intimidating for some marketers, savvy CMOs are using programmatic to their advantage. Programmatic marketing is here to stay and will continue to dominate conversations in 2014. Soon you will be able to lead those discussions. In this joint webinar with the American Marketing Association and Chango, you will learn predictions on hottest trends in programmatic and a clear understanding of what’s real and what isn’t.

OpenX Traffic Quality Series: Lessons in Suspicious Traffic and Viewability

OpenX hosts a joint webinar with our partner, Integral Ad Science, a leading global provider of actionable advertising intelligence for buyers and sellers of digital media. According to recent research, improvements in traffic quality continue to rise — with ad viewability increasing by as much as 5% year-over-year — while cases of suspicious traffic are on the decline.

A Publisher’s Guide to Growing Online Ad Revenue

Many publishers still struggle to keep up with innovations in our industry and we’ve seen a number of third-party networks and data providers profit from publisher ad inventory and not the publishers themselves. Watch and learn more about the current state of the digital ad serving industry, an approach to how a publisher can increase ad revenue, why publishers need to embrace RTB, and how to make money from audience data.

How to Maximize Revenue with Accurate Forecasting

In this webinar learn how to maximize revenue with forecasting by: planning inventory, measuring the accuracy of forecasting models, and optimizing inventory based on historical and seasonal trends.

Maximum Revenue with Minimum Spend

The goal of all Ad Operations teams centers around profitability. But Ad Ops isn’t only about delivering impressions; it’s also about creating high-performing campaigns. Learn best practices on how to evaluate your media spend to maximize both yield and revenue.

Protecting the Health of the Digital Ecosystem

As digital ad spend increasingly pours into programmatic buying, questions are surfacing on the authenticity and value of the impression. Recent studies have shown that 37% of Internet traffic is generated by bots and other non-human activity, while over 50% of display ad impressions are non-viewable. Experts examine the set of challenges facing programmatic buying, initiatives the industry is adopting and how OpenX is protecting ad buyers.

How to Optimize Content to Grow Revenue

An overview of how Revenue Intelligence helps publishers understand the total revenue potential of every page. Early users of Revenue Intelligence, including major newspaper chains and national magazines, have experienced revenue lifts as high as 90%.

The Mobile Tipping Point

The presentation covers mobile real-time bidding within the emerging multi-screen landscape. Discover the opportunities and challenges that mobile is creating for desktop publishers.

Total Cost of Ownership

Do you know how much you’re really spending to host your own ad server? It may surprise you. Watch this webinar to learn more about the hard and hidden costs associated with self-hosting.

Ad Networks vs. Ad Exchanges

Explore how an ad exchange differs from an ad network and how an ad exchange provides an essential component to publishers’ monetization strategies.