OpenX Traffic Quality Series: Lessons in Suspicious Traffic and Viewability

OpenX is excited to host a joint webinar with one of our leading partners, Integral Ad Science, as part of our series on traffic quality. Integral Ad Science (formerly AdSafe) is a leading global provider of actionable advertising intelligence for buyers and sellers of digital media.

According to their recent semi-annual research, improvements in traffic quality continue to rise — with ad viewability increasing by as much as 5% year-over-year — while cases of suspicious traffic are on the decline.

Watch our 45-minute webinar discussion to learn more insights including topics like:
•  The rising tide and trends of the digital ad industry
•  Lessons and misconceptions about suspicious traffic and viewability
•  Why buyers and publishers should care and how they can benefit
•  Industry recommendations and solutions
•  Live Q&A

John Murphy – Vice President, Marketplace Quality, OpenX
Joseph Quaglia –Director of Business Development, Integral Ad Science