A Publisher’s Guide to Growing Online Ad Revenue

Since 2007, OpenX has worked side-by-side with global comScore publishers to help manage advertising on their websites and optimise their digital ad revenues.

Many publishers still struggle to keep up with innovations in our industry and we’ve seen a number of third-party networks and data providers profit from publisher ad inventory and not the publishers themselves. In our view, traditional ad serving and yield optimisation technologies are usually the culprits!

The infrastructure and processes that most publishers rely on don’t support both guaranteed and non-guaranteed sales and they can’t accommodate new formats, such as mobile and video, very well. They also fail to help publishers respond to evolving buyer requirements such as audience targeting, real-time buying, and multi-device frequency capping.

Join OpenX’s VP of Revenue Operations, Todd Rosenberg for a 30-minute webinar to learn more about:

+ The current state of the digital ad serving industry: Are publishers at a disadvantage?
+ A 3 step approach to how a publisher can increase ad revenue
+ Why publishers need to embrace RTB
+ How to make money from audience data
+ Overcoming challenges and embracing future developments
+ Live Q&A