A Discussion Guide for Private Marketplaces: How to set up deals for success

As programmatic premium takes off, many publishers and advertisers see private marketplaces (PMPs) as a smart buying model. For advertisers, PMPs deliver the audiences they need at scale, adjacent to premium, relevant content. For publishers, PMPs represent controlled trading environments where they can sell premium inventory at a higher CPM.

However, all too often, each side enters into the arrangement with different expectations the other party doesn’t necessarily share. For PMPs to succeed buyers and sellers must think and act as partners, and their relationship should be based on transparency. To help set-up deals for success, OpenX created this discussion guide, offering specific topics that buyers and sellers should discuss as they negotiate private deals.

The discussion guide includes:
• The Buyer’s Guide
• The Seller’s Guide
• A Checklist for Deal Negotiations and Set-up