Demand-side Platform: What Is a DSP and How Can Digital Publishers Profit?

Real-time bidding, ad exchanges, and demand-side platforms (DSPs) have attracted a lot of attention recently. It’s estimated that at least 30% of ad spend is channeled through DSPs. However, much of the coverage is confusing. Commentators fail to define and distinguish the roles of ad exchanges and DSPs, and are not explaining how each helps advertisers to spend their ad budgets more efficiently and publishers to increase their ad revenues.

In this white paper, we explain what a demand-side platform is, how a DSP works with exchanges, and how DSPs benefit advertisers.

A demand-side platform can help publishers optimize their yield.

Learn about:

  • Why DSPs attract bigger ad budgets
  • How a DSP enables more of those dollars to filter through to publishers rather than be taken by intermediaries.
  • How publishers can realize this opportunity, by making their inventory available to an ad exchange