Selling In A Programmatic World

Buying and selling digital media through programmatic channels is not a passing trend.  It is quickly becoming a staple and it is only likely to grow as greater numbers of marketers pursue the efficiencies and transparency that programmatic offers.

OpenX commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the attitudes and practices of publishers who actively engage in selling their ad inventory through programmatic channels. Through a series of interviews with executives from a variety of digital publishing companies, Forrester tested the hypothesis that publishers are well positioned to actively exert controls and levers to gain higher CPMs and increase yield for their business.

Download this Forrester report to learn:

  • What do pricing, packaging, inventory volume, and brand controls have in common?
  • Is channel overlap an opportunity or a conflict?
  • What efficiencies and capabilities help publishers grow revenue?
  • Is it in the publisher’s best interests to closely manage their demand flow?

It is time for all digital publishers to stop fearing the advance of programmatic processes.

How will you respond in these changing times?