A Publisher’s Guide to Understanding Ad Exchanges

Today’s sophisticated online advertisers are showing a preference for ad exchanges over buying directly from a publisher and using ad networks. Publishers stand to benefit significantly from this trend. Consider this: An RTB-enabled ad exchange exposes your inventory to a larger pool of online advertisers, thereby increasing competition and pushing up CPMs.

But that’s not to say that real-time bidding (RTB) is risk-free; it’s not. Channel conflict is an issue. Publishers need tools that allow them to control who can buy their inventory. Fear of CPM erosion is another valid concern. And publishers are concerned about ad quality.

Discover 10 ways to profit from RTB while safeguarding your brand.

Learn about:

  • Avoiding channel conflict
  • Maximizing CPMs for non-guaranteed inventory
  • Protecting your brand from unwanted advertisers
  • Attracting premium advertisers with audience data