Maximize content ROI with real-time bidding

  • "We saw a 100% increase almost immediately."

    Aaron Toynton
    Director of Digital Marketing & Product Development at Journal Communications

Ad Exchange

OpenX Ad Exchange Drives Publisher Revenue through Real Time Auctions

The OpenX Ad Exchange is one of the largest in the world and includes 800+ publishers running more than 100 billion ad impressions every month. Hundreds of the industry’s top DSPs, networks and trading desks buy ad space, and in fact 96% of leading advertisers buy ads through our ad exchange.

As a publisher, you will be able to:

  • Maximize CPMs through price floors and real-time auctions in the ad exchange
  • Retain control by choosing which advertisers can bid and what they can buy
  • Have complete transparency of reporting details with buyers and amounts paid
  • Access all of the largest DSPs through the ad exchange
  • Realize higher margins since there are no hidden costs or fees

Increase Control

Take back control of your ad space. Choose which advertisers can bid, and what impressions they can buy in the ad exchange. Directly control ad quality by blocking individual buyers, individual creative, content categories and types of creative (ie. Flash, audio). Use whitelist and blacklist features to eliminate channel conflict—ensuring advertisers who buy direct continue to pay premium rates.

Maximize Overall Yield

Increase your CPMs with real-time auctions in the OpenX ad exchange where each impression is sold to the highest-paying advertiser. Grow your CPMs further by making your direct-sold campaigns compete against this strong demand base.

Use with No Risk

Set a minimum price for your ad inventory when you place it in the exchange, so only ads that pay more than your direct-sold campaigns are served. Everything else is defaulted back to you if you like. You can even use the OpenX ad exchange in tandem with other SSP partners (Rubicon, AdMeld, etc.), but the OpenX SSP solution delivers superior yield.

Take Advantage of Programmatic Premium

OpenX offers a full suite of programmatic premium options, from traditional rule setting in the RTB ad exchange, to selling your ad space only to specified ad buyers, and even selling advanced bookings through audience futures. Read more




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