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    Aaron Toynton
    Director of Digital Marketing & Product Development at Journal Communications

Ad Exchange

OpenX’s Ad Exchange is not only one of the world’s largest programmatic digital advertising exchanges. It’s the best performing marketplace with the highest-quality, independently-rated inventory. Building it was no small feat, and we were only able to do it because we understand that publishers’ primary goal with advertising is to optimize monetization. That means maximizing revenue and control, and our solution helps you do both.

Optimize Yield

The first step in any high-performance marketplace is creating demand. Our real time auctions give you maximum exposure to demand sources. All of the largest DSPs, networks and agency trading desks, plus the top advertisers, already purchase inventory on OpenX’s Ad Exchange. We connect you to a broad and deep selection of buyers, and you choose which ones can bid and which impressions they can win.

Maintain Control

Once you have interested buyers, you want to be able to showcase your inventory and command the best price. Our Ad Exchange supports a variety of formats and screens, letting you easily make all of your inventory available on one platform. We also make it easy for you to extract the full value out of each impression. You can set price floors and employ whitelist and blacklist features to avoid channel conflict and potential dilution of relationships with advertisers who buy direct. Furthermore, you can utilize our technology to manage your premium inventory through direct relationships with advertisers by leveraging private marketplace deals.

Sell Inventory on the Highest-Quality Exchange

Finally, we understand that scale and quality go hand in hand. So, quality control is built into the foundation of our Ad Exchange. We make it easy for you to systematically block individual buyers, creative, and content categories. We not only make sure that you have the quality controls you need, but we also believe it’s important to make sure buyers are protected so they are encouraged to bid confidently on your inventory. As a result we continuously monitor and take measures to maintain the integrity of inventory across the marketplace, combining proprietary technology with third-party partnerships to help eliminate fraud and ensure brand safety.

The bottom line is that we perform better so that you can make more money. More than 1,200 publishers already trust OpenX’s Ad Exchange to serve more than 200B+ requests every month. We’ve built a proven and efficient marketplace that harnesses the power of scale, reliability, transparency and control and put it in your hands.

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